The Most Famous Woman in Men’s Tennis

The Most Famous Woman in Men’s Tennis
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Morgan Riddle Is the Most Famous Woman in Men’s Tennis  The New York Times

The Most Famous Woman in Men’s Tennis

Morgan Riddle: A Tennis WAG Making Waves in the Sport

Morgan Riddle was being watched.

Outside the grandstand, while she idled beneath the summer sun, a passer-by stopped, turned and pointed a phone at her, then wordlessly walked away. Ms. Riddle just adjusted her black oval Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy-style sunglasses.

Once inside the tennis match, while she and more than 1,000 other spectators found their seats, people were more direct. “Are you Morgan?” “I recognize you!” “Can we get a photo?” She said yes at least a dozen times that afternoon.

“You’re so tiny!” said Sue McDonald, who had come to the National Bank Open in Toronto with her 19-year-old daughter, Jaiden. She had never been able to get her children interested in the sport, Ms. McDonald told Ms. Riddle, until last summer, when one player on TV caught her daughter’s eye.

“I’m sitting there watching Wimbledon, and I’m like, ‘Come and see this guy,’” she said. “‘Come and see this tall, dark, handsome guy.’ She comes walking in, and she’s like, ‘Oh, who’s this?’”

It was Taylor Fritz, a player from Southern California recognizable for his height (a lean 6-foot-5) and his center-parted, cartoon-prince waves, which he restrains during matches with a Nike headband. Mr. Fritz, 25, is the top American player in men’s tennis, currently ranked ninth in the world.

But he wasn’t the only person the McDonalds were watching during that match.

“I have this theory about viral content,” said Ms. Riddle, who has gone viral for suggesting tennis isn’t widely considered cool. “It has to be either enviable, relatable or controversial.”nytimes.com


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